Hello India!!!

Hello India!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

If you plan to be thief in India, think again

The security process here in India are crazily long and litigious. Even if you’re going to an event at college (Xavotsav in particular) you still have to wait in a long line and go through security. It’s almost like the Hmong New Year, but not really. They separate the women from the men’s line. It’s odd to see that the men line is longer than the women’s line (like SUPER DUPER LONGER THAN THE FEMALE’S LINE, I’m not kidding).

From places like the Taj Mahal to the Red Fort to the mall, you always have to go through security. That’s not even all of it. When you’re in the mall and you’re entering a shop you must ‘check in’ your bags. They put your bag in a cubby or counter and give you an assigned number that matches the one with your bag. They do this to ensure that you will not and cannot steal from the store and claim you bought the item elsewhere. Fitting rooms have their own ‘security’ rules too. When you want to try an outfit on you go to the “Try Out” rooms. The fitting room person will check how many outfits you have and that the clothes off the clothes hanger. Then they give you the outfits to try on. When you are done you give them the clothes you don’t want and they will hang it up again. It’s different and much stricter. I don’t know how people can be thieves here.

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