Hello India!!!

Hello India!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Education System Differences between India and United States

India Education System: St. Xavier’s College (SXC)
June to December
January to May
First Year – Semester 1
First Year – Semester 2
Second Year – Semester 3
Second Year – Semester 4
Third Year – Semester 5
Third Year – Semester 6 (Done)
-          Have school year round
-          Have school on Saturdays (6 days a week)
-          Have a lot of Holidays (no school days)
-          Pick area of study and their syllabus/ track is determined for the next 3 years
U.S.A Education System: College of Benedict/St. John’s University (CSB/SJU)
Fall Semester (2009)
Spring Semester (2010)
Fall Semester (2010)
Spring Semester (2011)
Fall Semester (2011)
Spring Semester (2012)
Fall Semester (2012)
Spring Semester (2013)
-          Have school from August to May (get May, June, July and little of August for summer vacation)
-          Have school even on some Holidays (Only get Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter off)
-          Liberal Arts school

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